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Lecture 1: Introduction HTML PDF

Lectures 2/3: Summarizing, Visualizing and Tidying Data HTML PDF

Lecture 4: Simple Linear Regression HTML PDF

Lecture 5: Introduction to Causality HTML PDF

Lecture 6: Multiple Linear Regression HTML PDF

Lecture 7: Sampling HTML PDF

Lecture 8: Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing HTML PDF

Lecture 9: Regression Inference HTML PDF

Lecture 10: Differences-in-Differences HTML PDF

Lecture 11: Regression Discontinuity HTML PDF

Lecture 12: Recap (coming soon!)

The suggested reading list is here.

You can copy and adapt this material for your purposes, as long as you give appropriate credit and share the work yourself under same terms. Of course you can use the slides to teach in your classrooms. The material in these slides is derived from “Introduction to Econometrics with R” by Florian Oswald, Jean-Marc Robin and Vincent Viers (2018), which can be found at github repository.

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